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Hello and welcome!

For now, this "wiki" is a repository of links and information as I organize various resources I have used over the years. The problem is, the "over the years" part makes many of the resources that I have found "old" and not as useful or not useful at all! However, I have updated the information that you will find here and you shouldn't run into any dead links as of August 2007. Technology allows for the rapid collection of data and information which boils down to a lot of change, very often. More isn't always better, but that is the world we live in. Now, the tricky part to all of this is sorting through all this information, organizing it (so we can find it when needed), and looking for ways to implement, integrate, and use it all. Not an easy task when one realizes how much information exists on and is added to the web each day, every hour, every minute!

Nevertheless, I am making the attempt to piece together threads of information in this wiki much like my grandmother did as she gathered, assembled, and produced her beautiful, warm, and comforting quilts that she made throughout her lifetime. Much of quilting is a patchwork, and the quilter gathers thread and cloth from many sources (jeans, old clothing, new fabric) to build, rebuild, create, and recreate wonderful products, but the work is continual and passes from one generation to the next.

Each time I visited my grandmother she generally was not the only one making "the quilt." Usually, she was surrounded by people who sat next to each other and visited, quilted, and worked together. The groups of people often changed with whomever could be of assistance, and the process always seemed to continue on into the next quilting project. It was, and is, a collaborative effort. That is what a wiki is: a patchwork, a quilt, information being assembled together by people as they enjoy one another's company in working toward common goals. "Sit down," grab a thimble, a needle, and some thread and join me as we piece together the fabric of instructional technology.

About Neil Hokanson

Neil Hokanson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education from the University of South Dakota (1993) and a Master of Science degree in education with a focus on Instructional Technology from the University of Wyoming (2006). Neil has taught in the public school system for 13 years at the middle and high school levels as a social studies teacher. He has extensively integrated technology in his classrooms for several years and has served as an instructor for many staff development courses and presentations. As a school technology specialist Neil has provided training, support, and assistance in helping educators integrate technology in all subject areas and grade levels. Neil currently serves as the educational technology specialist for the North Platte Public Schools in Nebraska.

Neil is married to the former Dianna Lynn Hoffman an 18-year veteran speech-language pathologist in the public school system. Neil and Dianna are the proud parents of five beautiful children Hannah, Charlie, Ronan, Nicholas, and Heather.

To learn more about the latest adventures in instructional technology and to view and use learning tools which were created for and used by students, please visit Neil’s web site “H I T - Hokanson’s Instructional Technology” at http://www.neilhokanson.com!!!


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